Who is SAIL?
We are a Christian homeschool group providing an a la carte program designed to support parents in providing a high quality education for their children with a like- minded Biblical worldview based on our Statement of Faith. We offer a variety of classes for students from grades five to twelve. Families participating in SAIL are required to adhere to the SAIL Handbook and sign the SAIL Handbook Signature Page.

Where does SAIL meet?
SAIL meets at Fellowship Bible Church in Winchester, VA.

When does SAIL meet?
SAIL classes run on Mondays from 9:00 am - 2:55 pm for two semesters from September - November and January - March. Our extended session classes meet up to six more times. This is specified in the course descriptions.

What is SAIL's mailing address?
SAIL, PO Box 3626, Winchester, VA 22604

What is a writing sample?
A writing sample is a student's written response to a designated writing prompt. All students who wish to sign up for a writing class and have not taken writing the previous year at SAIL must submit a writing sample for review by SAIL's writing teachers.  Contact us at to request the writing sample/questionnaire paperwork.